characters 50 shades grey

The Characters 50 shades grey

Now here is a test, how many characters 50 shades grey do you know? You could probably list the main ones, however do you know all of them?

Let us go through all of characters 50 shades grey  shall we?

#### SPOILER ALERT ##########



You know the two main characters 50 shades grey. We do not need to elaborate.

Christian Trevelyan Grey  DOB June 18, 1983 – Detroit, MI  age 28

Young, handsome, intelligent, business-savvy, charming, and the CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


Anastasia Rose Steele is the lead female character of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Ana her shortented name is in a relationship with Grey,


Elena Lincoln, nicknamed “Mrs. Robinson,”

Christian Grey’s oldest friend and his business partner.

50 shades grey characters

Elliot Grey is the adopted son of Carrick Grey and Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey and elder brother to Christian Grey and Mia Grey.


Theodore Raymond Grey is the firstborn child and son of Christian and Anastasia Grey.


Mia Grey is the adopted daughter of Carrick Grey and Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey and younger sister of Christian Grey and Elliot Grey.


Katherine Agnes “Kate” Kavanagh is an aspiring journalist, Anastasia Steele’s best friend and roommate


Phoebe Grey is the the to be daughter?  and youngest child of Christian and Anastasia and the younger sister of Theodore Raymond Grey.


Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey is the adoptive mother of Christian Grey. She has two other children, Mia Grey and Elliot Grey, who are also adopted.


Ava Grey is the only child of Elliot and Kate Grey


Leila Williams is an ex sub of Christian Grey who become jealous of Anastasia.


Jason Taylor is the “so-called” right hand man of Christian Grey . He is ex military and goes with Christian everywhere.


José Luis Rodriguez Jr. is a very good friend of Anastasia Steele, who is described by Ana as being the perfect guy.


Carrick Grey is the adoptive father of Elliot Grey, Mia Grey and Christian Grey.


Ethan Kavanagh is the older brother of Katherine Agnes “Kate ” Kavanagh


Ella, the biological mother of Christian Grey, she was described as a drug-addicted prostitute who didn’t protect young Christian from her abusive pimp.


Elizabeth Morgan is associate of Jack Hyde who kidnapped Mia Grey.


Franklin A. Lambert is biological father of Ana Steele and first husband of Carla May Wilks.


Paul Clayton is described as an all-American friendly guy by Anastasia Steele.

Paul is the son of the owner of Clayton’s Hardware Store where Ana was previously employed.


Dr.John Flynn is Christian Grey’s therapist.


Ray Steele is the stepfather of Anastasia Steele and the ex-husband of Carla May Wilks.


Carla May Wilks is the mother of Anastasia Steele.


Gia Matteo is the architect recommended by Elliot Grey to design Anastasia and Christian Grey’s future home near the coast in Seattle.


Jack Hyde was the Commissioning Editor at Seattle Independent Publishing or S.I.P. (i.e. now Grey Publishing).

Jack was Ana’s former boss,

How did you go listing characters 50 shades grey?

Are there any more you can think of we should include?


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