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Books like 50 shades grey – You have withdrawal symptoms what next?

If you enjoyed the 50 shades, or want something just as good if not better and want to find more books like 50 shades grey. Then we have compiled some of the best books like 50 shades grey that will sure to  keep you warm.

Books like 50 Shades Grey have grown to be more established since the top selling book, 50 Shades of Grey ( Fifty Shades of Grey ), has made quite a few fans seeking more of the steamy, erotic passion they provided by this trilogy. Therefore, precisely what do you start reading after 50 Shades of Grey? Clearly, it would be fifty Shades Darker, as well as fifty Shades Freed, naturally. However do not worry, as soon as you complete the trilogy, there are numerous additional books like 50 Shades of Grey that is going to keep you on the edge of the chair, equally as warm and bothered as 50 Shades of Grey.

The following list you will discover among the better collection and books like 50 Shades of Grey. The following publications are the finest erotic romance stories and are in the same way high-quality or maybe just superior to 50 Shades! Indeed, I understand, it appears out of the question for a number of stories to be superior to 50 Shades of Grey however you will discover good quality versions that are available. In the event you do not trust me, take a look at the the book titled “Bared to You” the author is Sylvia Day.

What to read after the 50 shades of grey

Given that you should have graduated from the trilogy, you find yourself probably asking yourself what to read after 50 Shades of Grey. Is there possibly an alternative story equivalent to 50 Shades ? Evidently ! Below you will discover the leading books like 50 Shades of Grey . Any of these publications are placed as the best books like 50 Shades.

Thanks to the Kindle recommendations and (and the Goodreads 50 Shades Support Group). I have found this great list of books like 50 shades grey:

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Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

The Best Series of Books Like 50 Shades Grey

The book titled “Bared to You” the author Sylvia Day, book one available within the Crossfire Novel Series. Bared to You books would be considered the best set of books like 50 Shades Grey and the most nearest to the 50 shades of Grey that you will read. Most of the readers advised that they actually preferred it over Fifty Shades of Grey due to the fact that  the characters were more plausible and not as unrealistic.
Entwined is set to be the 3rd book in the Bared to You series and will be available in June of 2013. We suggest you do preorder today in order  to avoid missing out and waiting on the sold out list.

Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Book one.

books like 50 shades grey - bared to you

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From all of the books read, this book would be the most of the list of books like 50 shades grey. We have our hunky billionaire Gideon Cross who happens to own a good chunk of New York. We have Eva the socialite who is attempting to make herself know. She commences her career as an assistant in an advertising agency. Just so happens that she works in the office building that the Mr. Gideon is the owner of. The two bump into one another and sparks fly as a connection instantly charges.

This time round it would seem both of the characters are somewhat of an emotional wreck. Having a few problems here and there. The word dysfunctional, control, jealousy, to posses are some of the common themes as you can appreciate certainly leads to some passion filles love making and lots of romance and love.

The best part is the books continue with book 2 released and the third on the way very soon.


Reflected in You: A Crossfire Novel

books like 50 shades grey - reflected in you

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 The sensuality continues as our Billionaire and Eva engage in some lustful times in the erotic romance novel.

The second book is good as it gets, with the story picking up from where the first instalment Bared to You left us waiting for more. It was Gideon who decided he wanted to conquer the world after waking up. That was not the only thing on his mind. The domination aspect is taken to a whole new level. The man can also go and kick ass. For fear of spoiling the story, there is a fantastic twist in the storyline. It does however mean that there are some moments of pain between the love birds Eva and Gideon.

Not to forget the juicy bits, there are moments of spice and the list is long. Beach, in the shower, in a limousine, even a bit of jet setting love making. If the expectation is that the two romantic individuals will work out things and live a smooth sailing lifestyle then forget it. it is like reading about a theme park with a roller coaster of emotions.

Of course like all relationships trust issues need to be worked on as well as the insecurities the lack of communication and the past riddled with the nasty devils.

Like the 50 shades, Eva and Gideon are madly addicted to each other. An obsession in fact in such a way that only they could comprehend.

Now it would appear that the wait for the new book Entwined with You will be until June. Check the link for more details.


Entwined with you : A Crossfire Novel

books like 50 shades grey Entwined with you

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The worldwide phenomenon continues, we see Eva and Gideon face the demons of their pasts.

The acceptance of the consequence of their obsessed desire….  From the time that I initially met Gideon Cross , I identified some thing in him that I desired. Some thing I couldn’t refuse . I noticed the hazardous and destroyed spirit inside–so similar to my very own . I had been spellbound by it . I required him since certainly as I required my heart to beat . Nobody is aware of the amount he risked for me . Just how much I’d happened to be endangered , or merely dark dark and desperate the shadow of our pasts could become . Entwined by our secrets , we attempted to defy the probability . We created our personal guidelines and surrendered entirely to the exquisite energy of possession . . .


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