50 shades grey movie trailer

The official unofficial 50 shades grey movie trailer

With plenty of spin off 50 shades grey movie trailer versions on Youtube, the publicity on the movie is sure creating a great deal of fabulous hype. We just hope all the buzz does not create a sudden death of the movie before it even get’s off the ground. You remember what happened with the whole saga with the clip trying to capture that “child killer / using kids in warin africa”. Who was that again someone starting with K?

According to author E.L. James, Universal Studios and herself are some time from even casting the Fifty Shades of grey motion picture. As E.L.James reports they are “far away”. Well that is what she says, with the release in 2014 they sure have to get a move on.

50 shades grey movie trailer

Of course the fans need to wait some time and it is hard to sit still before the actual movie does make the cinema centres. So the fans have taken it upon themselves to create their own 50 shades grey movie trailer. Add some creativity and some snippets of their favourite stars for the role of Ana and in particular Mr. Grey and you have a very realistic 50 shades grey movie trailer.

There are quite a few of the unofficial – official 50 shades grey movie trailer versions popping up on Youtube. There are a number of Ana’s played by fan favourite Alexis Bledel. The handsome and hunky Mr Grey has many Ryan Gosling’s featured. These 50 shades grey movie trailer Youtube clips are pretty decent in fact some very popular amongst the fans with many views.

So let us take a few 50 shades grey movie trailer and add them here, note we have left the best to last, watch to see if you agree!!!


So far the most viewed  50 shades grey movie trailer is one uploaded by Dann Brbaz  Titled : Fifty Shades of Grey (Teaser Trailer 2013) Meet Mr. Grey 5,737,388 views Like 10,106  thumbs up   Dislike 3,139 thumbs down.  At time of posting.

We see More of Matt Bomer as Christian included is a sexy however unknown lady getting handcuffed. So no Ana. Perhaps leaving to the fantasy of wanting to be Ana?

An interesting concept all the same. Watch and Rate in the comments below please.


We have our man Ian Somerhalder as Christian … with Lucy Hale as Ana. Not on our top list for Ana, however an interesting pair all the same.


Then we have our mate Mr Gosling and just Matt as Mr Grey. It even has review excerpts.

Perhaps a potrayal of Christian before he met Ana?

The Next clip below is a very dramatic version with with Nina Dobrev  as Anastasia paired with Ian Somerhalder playing Christian Grey.

We then have a quickie but a goodie.

Last but Not least the highested rated 50 shades grey movie trailer. uploaded by MissGossipAddict

Matt Bomer is Christian Grey so far we have 271,643 views Like 2,063   thumbs up   and only 21 thumbs down. making this the most popular 50 shades grey movie trailer on youtube watch for yourself to see why.

Which of the trailers do you rate the highest? comments would be great.

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